Supply Chain Solutions


Mindcom works with Partners, Associates and clients to design and implement high- performing supply chains that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets. By combining innovative strategies with practical know-how, we help companies to optimize their supply chains.

  • Fulfillment
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement


  • Faster Order creation / Update
  • Consolidated data on each page for ease of information access
  • Real Time data access from other Applications
  • Standalone Product with Integrations
  • Configurable
  • Covers the Maximum information in Supply chain and Asset Management
  • Meets the MRO requirements
  • Built on latest Technology and tools
  • Focused on Manufacturing and Distribution companies
  • Targeted towards SME customers.
  • Best reporting capabilities like xml, excel, PDF etc.
  • Best in class Business Intelligence reports by user with graphics
  • Reduces the high cost of ERP licensing