Education ERP

Mindcom Campus Management System offers a comprehensive web-based solution to Play-Schools, Schools, Colleges and Universities. Extensive work done by our research team has enabled us to identify the most important needs of your institution in day-to-day operations. Hence, we have designed to automate a host of modules catering to the needs of the entire spectrum of educational institutions from Play School to School to Higher Educational Institutes like Colleges and Universities. The detailed system includes a parent communication system, student information system, faculty, management and administrative support system. Entire educational institution can enjoy the advantages of advanced reporting, instant notifications and mobile applications.



Mindcom CMS is a web-based educational solution portal which has a strong ability to automate and communicate information related to institution, students, staff, parents, etc.,and facilitates a better decision making process. It is an easily accessible software.


CMS comes with a highly competitive pricing model that meets the desired requirements of a client, be it for a Pre-School, School, College or a University. We offer a flexible pricing and welcome a discussion to understand client's requirements finalizing a mutual suitable quote.


We have a team of fully trained and experienced professionals who are available to assist you in case of any need or to resolve any issue. The 24/7 availability of the team is an advantage where any query or request can be sorted within a reasonable turnaround time, mostly on priority.


CMS is an easy-to-operate software which is designed keeping in mind possibly all kind of users. The functions and operations are very easy to understand and implement even for the not so tech-savvy users. Mindcom CMS can be operated from anywhere and anytime.


CMS is a cloud platform that is fully customizable and mobile-ready right from the start to manage the specific needs of educational institutions. Assuming that every educational institution have their own work operations we customize the software as per customer's needs.


We are managing changes, updates and upgrades where clients don't have to install hardware or software, take backups, etc. CMS is constantly modifying and updating the product in terms of modules, system integration and features so that the client gets the best experience.


CMS functionalities are designed to operate on highly secure model which can be customized as per customers' needs. We strive and excel in storing all important information in a secure and safe format following all safety standards. The software is constantly upgraded.


CMS is a world class web-based educational support solution that can be integrated with the system seamlessly. It is quick and flexible in deployment which saves time and complexities in support functions. It's based on a highly smart, reliable and powerful framework.


We develop smooth automated workflows enhancing educational experience and delivering high end results. We constantly are in the run to develop agile processes for easy functioning of all Education Institutions thus, improve efficiency, productivity and reliability.



Complete info about students. A 360 degree view of the personality also includes student's hobbies, extra-curricular activities, health records, discipline records, and involvement into other socially useful and productive works. Manage student admission, demographics, attendance and performance details.


Complete info about staff. From the time of joining the institution, till the time she/ he retires/ resigns, data is maintained. A 360 degree view of the personality is paid attention to. Staff info also includes his/ her hobbies, extra-curricular activities and involvement into other socially useful and productive works.


Generate timetable for the whole academic year by the click of a mouse. Generate time table by class and section, by subject, by faculty. Principal/ HOD can identify absent teacher and replace by another. Extra period allocation for faculties on short-term and long-term leave.


Quick and user-friendly attendance system for students and staff members is a friendly feature of the software. Daily attendance/ absentee report to principal, class teacher, and parents. Provision for multiple attendances in a day, also period by period attendance.


Fee information and related emails shared with parents. Connectivity with all departments, late fee and fine calculation. Provision for scholarship along with fee waiver. Fee paid by cash, cheque, draft at the institution counter. Fee collection and defaulters' report shared with principal and management.


Computation of monthly salary, overtime, leave deduction, other deduction, generation of salary slips, are part of Mindcom Campus Management System payroll module. It gives full information about staff payment, maintains past records. Principal gets to see comprehensive payroll reports


It is a Cloud-based inventory management solution that tracks all inventory transactions. Streamline the process of requesting, ordering, and tracking supplies and tools and allocating supplies to upcoming work requests. Proper inventory management saves time and money.


Examination planning, dates, invigilation duty allotment to teachers are all part of Mindcom Campus Management System examination module. A comprehensive system helps the institution manage the complex process of managing all examinations in the institution.


Manage hostel allotment, hostel fees collection, events, room maintenance, daily attendance system, hostel security, vendors and suppliers of various goods in hostel. Disciplinary records of students to principal, warden, and parentsSeparate logins for hostel warden, mess manager and student.


Using Mindcom CMS admission module, institution can manage the admission process well. Starting from admission notification to computation of index, application tracking to fee deposit and recruitment process to student registration, the admission management process is a robust system to take care of the needs of your institution.


Maintaining and updating students' health records and history, doctor and nurse visit, admission in the institution hospital, oral healthcare, advice to parents, categorization of the medical attention required, and medical storehouse inventory and vendor supply form the part of infirmary management by Mindcom Campus Management System.


Recruitment management system by Mindcom Campus Management System (CMS) is a robust application capturing recruitment process in your institution. Starting from registration of the final year students for recruitment, to database management of visiting companies, to training requirement, everything is a part of the recruitment module.